The Space

window99 was an installation space in the window of 99 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. It was a not-for-profit, artist focused space, open 24 hours a day, everyday.

The Idea

window99 offer an alternative to exhibiting art within the white cube by moving the gallery into the public setting. This also provided artists with an opportunity to exhibit their work within a highly exposed, flexible window box for an affordable rate.

The New Venture

window99 has now resolved with a new space three doors up being the next venture for Marie and Leo. The new initiative is called Conduit Arts and continues the window99 and Rollerdoor Performance Space focus on bringing emerging artists, musician and performers together along with their audiences. Check out the new space at

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Coin Operated Launch Party

Conduit Arts Initiative
Saturday April 28th, 2012 > 6pm till 9pm

Having said a teary goodbye to window99 at the end of 2011 Marie Schoenmaker and Leo Kavanagh are back and only 3 doors up the road. The new project is Conduit Arts Initiative and we are having a Coin Operated Launch Party on Saturday the 28th of April from 6-9pm. There will be music, performances and merry making as we celebrate in our new space and our fresh looking outdoor area.

What do we mean by coin operated? you'll just have to find out. Empty your spare change jars and come and help us celebrate. We would love to have you there.

We'll also be announcing our programming ideas for the year so we encourage all musicians, performers and visual artists to come along because it all has something to do with you. In fact you're the reason that this space has been created.

Come down to Conduit Arts at 83 Brunswick St, Fitzroy MAP here

Join the announcements on the FB event page here

>> Check out some of the artists pages <<
Niccolo Palandri -
Brigitte Lewis -
Maka Khan - FB page
Ryan, I. - FB page

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Closing Time

After a year and a half Marie and Leo are moving on and three doors up the road to start a new venture. Keep an eye out for Conduit Arts opening soon!

We'd like to send a big THANK YOU to all the artists who have been involved in window99 and Rollerdoor Performance Space as well as all the supporters who came along to the openings or kept and eye on the changing windows. We'd love to see you over at the new venture!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Urban Matter

Exhibition runs December 10th till 31st, 2011
OPENING Saturday Dec 10th 6 - 9pm

Urban Matter

Photo: Cat Drysdale

Ben Taranto & Cherie Winter's URBAN MATTER draws on the abstractions surrounding built and natural environments. Autumn leaves are seasonally collected and disposed of, seen as unsightly bio foul detrimental to both urban waterway constructions and tram activity. Using these urban tree leaves as matter, this work returns them to their original urban environment whilst completely filling the gallery's window spaces. The artists see this action as one that explores notions of waste material and urban maintenance.

Mattress of Pagan Horror is an experimental music group formed by the Brothers Kavanagh in mid 2010 to explore their joint interest in free and improvised music. Utilising non-conventional instrumentation, the duo creates spontaneous sound scapes with the emphasis being on interaction and dynamic and textural interest. Recently the duo have been focusing on the introduction of thematic ideas into their compositions as a way of creating stepping stone like melodic and rhythmic points amidst their improvisations.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cara Fox & Douglas Pope

While We Watch You Sleep
Cara Fox & Douglas Pope
Nov 12th to Dec 3rd, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011

While We Watch You Sleep

November 12th to December 3rd
OPENING Sat Nov 12th 6 - 9pm. 

‘While We Watch You Sleep’

‘While We Watch You Sleep’ combines the writings of Cara Fox and photography of Douglas E Pope in a series focusing on sleep, vulnerability and trust. Through intimate extracts of that most vulnerable human state, sleep, the collection documents the subjects' nocturnal experiences, creating short stories around them.

Both the artists have approached this body of work with different processes. Cara has been going to friends and friends of friends’ houses to share their beds with them. Noting interesting habits and patterns in their nocturnal hours, she is experiencing a side of people that she would of never have previously known and writing prose about it.

Douglas on the other hand has opted to approach his works with stealth, asking the sleeper to leave a key out and a light on in their room before creeping into their abodes in the early hours of the morning and taking photos of them while they sleep. The result is a uniquely intimate collection of media.

The exhibition is a collection of photographs and writing as well as a self-published zine of the same content (in progress).

Monday, October 31, 2011

Peter Warden

Chorus of Sediment
Peter Warden
Oct 15th to Nov 5th

Luke Kempster

Luke Kempster
Oct 15th to Nov 5th

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

After the Stasis comes the chorus of sediment

October 15th to November 5th 
OPENING Sat 15th 6pm - 9pm

Luke Kempster
Luke Kempster is a Melbourne-based video artist who has recently completed the Honours program at Monash University. His recent work involves utilizing the methods developed by gnostics and mystics from around the world to delve into the psyche in an attempt to produce insights not only into the self but to life as well.

Chorus of Sediment 
Peter Warden

Pete’s parents built him out of dirt. Pete spends his time collecting sticks and bits of tin. Sometimes he hits things with sticks. Sometimes he glues the sticks to the bits of tin."

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

REhearse at window99

REhearse at window99
September 10th till October 1st, 2011

Over the next three weeks video artist, performers, puppeteers, dancers, actors, musicians and visual artists will embrace the studio as their rehearsal space in an attempt perfect their practices.

window99 gallery sits amidst the commision flats, pubs, cafes, retail, craft/design stores and community centres of Fitzroy. For this month only the window boxes have been removed and the studio is bare. Kicking off on Saturday, the REhearse project is an exhibition that explores the idea of the artists' practice as a 'rehearsal'. Inside the window99 studio the artists will be influenced by the synergy of the surrounding urban landscape allowing the site to become material for the development of works to be created and performed within the space.

Video footage from each rehearsal will be broadcast on the REhearse project page with the schedule available at the start of each week. To view bios for all the artists involved see 'artist bios' on the REhearse site.

Barking Spider Visual Theatre
Chimene Steele-Prior
Chris Rainier
Elanor Jane Webber
Emmily Caspi
Laura Licciardi
Leo Kavanagh
Letitia Sutherland
Melanie Chilianis
Mel Dodge
Michelle Robinson
Nickk Hertzog
Real Hot Bitches 
Renae Shadler
Sheena Colquhoun
Tess E. Mckenzie
Tom Curitore

REhearse runs from SEPTEMBER 10th till OCTOBER 1st with the closing exhibition/celebration at ODESSA, 395 Gore St, Fitzroy on Saturday the 1st, 6pm.

Curated by Marie Schoenmaker & Ann Fuata 
Thanks to Aussie Rentals for their generous support!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Marianne Diaz

Paco Park 
Marianne Diaz
August 13th to Sep 3rd