The Space

window99 was an installation space in the window of 99 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. It was a not-for-profit, artist focused space, open 24 hours a day, everyday.

The Idea

window99 offer an alternative to exhibiting art within the white cube by moving the gallery into the public setting. This also provided artists with an opportunity to exhibit their work within a highly exposed, flexible window box for an affordable rate.

The New Venture

window99 has now resolved with a new space three doors up being the next venture for Marie and Leo. The new initiative is called Conduit Arts and continues the window99 and Rollerdoor Performance Space focus on bringing emerging artists, musician and performers together along with their audiences. Check out the new space at

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March Extravaganza - Saturday 12th

Image: Warwick Baker Mildura, 2011
Courtesy of the artist and Lindberg Galleries

'Suburbia: A Group Show'
Saturday March 12th till April 2nd, 2011

For many of us suburbia will drag a memory from the depths of our consciousness and throw it into the spotlight. From childhood memories to thoughts of family living in the suburbs, maybe even something as simple as images from films and photographs. For just one word, suburbia evokes so much.

'Suburbia: A Group Show' brings together artists of photography, sculpture, performance art and spoken word poetry to create an exhibition that shares memories and induces many more.

In bringing together this show Marie Schoenmaker of window99 chose to invite three separate practicing artists from Melbourne, herself included, as well as Jessica O’Brien, a Melbourne based Curator, to form 'Suburbia: A Group Show'.

The show brings together works by Dominic Kavanagh, Llawella Lewis, and a collaborative work by Leo Kavanagh and Marie Schoenmaker. Added to this will be a debut performance of works by poets Niccolo Palandri and Brigitte Lewis. The opening night will also feature Patinka Cha Cha, an experimental pop group based in Melbourne.

The Brunswick St window, curated by Jessica O’Brien and entitled 'Still Lives: Impressions of Suburbia', is a multi media installation exploring the contradictions the ‘ideal’ environments of Suburbia creates. Artists include Amy-Jo Jory, Salote Tawale, Warwick Baker, Glenn Sloggett, Irene Finkelde, Jamine Fisher and Micha Couell.

'Suburbia: A Group Show' opens at window99 and Rollerdoor Performance Space on Saturday the 12th of March at 6pm, with the exhibition running till the 2nd of April.

Window 99 is located at 99 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, one block North of Gertrude St.

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rhiannon King

Rhiannon King
12th February till March 5th, 2011
'won't take much - I'm about to disappear'

Daniel Ali

Daniel Ali
12th February till March 5th, 2011
'Fragmented Moments: Forever Memories'