The Space

window99 was an installation space in the window of 99 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. It was a not-for-profit, artist focused space, open 24 hours a day, everyday.

The Idea

window99 offer an alternative to exhibiting art within the white cube by moving the gallery into the public setting. This also provided artists with an opportunity to exhibit their work within a highly exposed, flexible window box for an affordable rate.

The New Venture

window99 has now resolved with a new space three doors up being the next venture for Marie and Leo. The new initiative is called Conduit Arts and continues the window99 and Rollerdoor Performance Space focus on bringing emerging artists, musician and performers together along with their audiences. Check out the new space at

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hollie Kelley, Claire Pendrigh & Michele Grimston

This month at WINDOW99 the artworks and performances provoke imagination and memories. Hollie Kelley's works reveal the honest and sometimes dark truths of life and memory, whilst Claire Pendrigh and Michele Grimston explore the dynamics between environments, objects and the manipulations of humans. Dominic Kavanagh draws on the aesthetics of real life, manipulating them into a sound scape that provokes sonic images from fans to... screaming cats whilst Tim Farrell rebuilds childhood toys into improvisational noise makers that at times have a mind of there own.

The show opens SATURDAY the 11th of JUNE from 6pm till 9pm.


Don't you know that it's worth every treasure on earth
To be young at heart
And as rich as you are it's much better by far
To be young at heart
-Carolyn Leigh

A body of work that looks at youth, aging and the grey area that happens in between. 


The Beetle and the Butterfly explores the relationships between humans and their environments in quirky, playful and sometimes mischievous ways. Both artists are interested in creating new dynamics between everyday objects and people through traces left behind as people transition between ecological and engineered environments. The collaborative process the artists have undertaken in the making of this body of work is integral to the exploration of how people understand their surroundings and each other. Conversely, it also examines how the environment reacts to constant manipulation by human hands.

DOMINIC KAVANAGH explores the aesthetic and sonic world of ruination, evoking various sensations by appropriating materials sourced from the urban wilderness of the discarded object. This is achieved through a chain of FX pedals, loopers and synths. With the addition of modified vocals, Dominic seeks to complement and embellish on a layered cacophony of sound and texture.

TIM FARRELL works with several homemade instruments, utilizing live processing, feedback and light to explore improvisation through unexpected sounds and hardware crashes. Tim is interested in using his own body as the circuit conductor with his latest creations a hacked Korg monotron and the fluoroscent-light-magnetic-interference-thingy.

Elwyn Murray

Elwyn Murray
if i tell you i love you can i borrow that dress
May 14th till June 4th

Nina Mulhall

Nina Mulhall
Women looking at their husbands
May 14th till the 4th of June